Completed Restoration Projects

Since 2011 approximately 3.5 km of river restoration/ naturalisation has been implemented benefitting over 15 hectares of floodplain.


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Long Preston Floodplain Project Trail

Download our map which shows two walks in the area and the locations of the 6 Long Preston interpretations boards.

All routes are Public Rights of Way, please respect the marked paths and follow the countryside code.


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Works in 2011 included:

Flood bank re-alignment, chute creation, revetment removal, bed sediment alteration (boulder clusters), palaeo-feature reconnection and general floodplain rejuvenation. Exclusion fencing was constructed to aid natural revegetation by limiting access to grazing cattle.

Works in 2012 included:

Upstream of Phase I

Inner bend re-profiling: Two floodplain scrapeson the left bank were created following landowner consent.

Chute channel creation: The right bank gravel bar was altered to create an inner bank flood channel.

Palaeo-channel reconnection and tributary deculverting: Several palaeo-channels were excavated and reconnected to the main channel over the right bank floodplain.

Flood bank realignment: The adjacent flood bank on the left bank was realigned 25m back across the floodplain.

Deflector removal: Four delta shaped rock deflectors and a pair of wooden centre deflectors were removed from the river.

Revetment removal: Several lengths of revetment were proposed for removal. Fishery concerns meant that much of this remained in place.

Pool-riffle reinstatement: Sections of the Trout Beck was dredged and the entrance culvert to the main river removed and replaced with a bridge crossing. 6 riffle areas were reinstated.

Channel blockage at the dry stone wall upstream was removed and pipe access installed to allow fish passage upstream.

Further works have been carried out on Trout Beck in 2013.
This has helped to ensure the beck does not impede flows further upstream.

Works have included two new large scrapes, the lowering of the gravel, the conversion of the pipe crossing into a ford in order to allow fish to pass upstream. Although no trout have been found in the beck yet it is hoped in future to work with the riparian owners to enable this to happen.

Fencing and planting: Limited fencing was conducted on the right bank and the new flood bank realignment on the left bank was fenced for tree planting.

Downstream of Phase I

Flood bank realignment: 400 m of adjacent flood bank was realigned 30-50 m away from the channel edge.

Chute channel creation: A wide high level chute was cut across the floodplain surface.

Inner bend re-profiling: Two lowered sections of floodplain were constructed.

Fencing and planting: The new flood bank realignment on the left bank was fenced for later planting. Fencing continued through the next field around 30 m from the river isolating this area for tree planting.

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